ACAC Academic Athletic Awards

Honouring those student-athletes who excel not only on the field of competition but also in the classroom, the ACAC honours those student-athletes that compete in a sponsored sport within the ACAC and do the work necessary in the classroom to earn academic honour status at their respective institutions.
2019 - 2020 Season
Austin Brulotte Men's Basketball
Nicholas Harder  Men's Basketball
Ryan Degner  Men's Basketball 
Oluwabukunmi Lawal  Men's Basketball/ Indoor Track
Dane Plilipenko  Men's Basketball 
Elijah Schmuland  Men's Basketball 
Tyler Weenink  Men's Basketball 
Michael Stasuik  Men’s Basketball/ Indoor Track 
Jenessa Doctor  Women's Basketball 
Alexis Myschuk  Women's Basketball 
Macy Meinema  Women's Basketball 
Sheridan Popenia  Women’s Basketball
Taylor Armbruster  Men’s Hockey
Zakery Babin  Men’s Hockey
Lukas Biensch  Men’s Hockey  
Zachary deGraves  Men’s Hockey 
Joren Johnson  Men’s Hockey 
Tavis Roch Men’s Hockey
Curtis Skip Men’s Hockey
Quinton Sudom Men’s Hockey
Joseph Tambasco Men’s Hockey
Evan Warmington Men’s Hockey
Cody Young Men’s Hockey
Bryce Boan Men’s Volleyball
Ian Harding Men’s Volleyball
Gregory Kaliel Men’s Volleyball
Duncan McDonald Men’s Volleyball  
Owen Murray  Men’s Volleyball
Connor Sinnamon Men’s Volleyball
Thomas Zimmerman Men’s Volleyball
Danielle Brockman Women’s Volleyball
Sarah Dedrick Women’s Volleyball
Rachel Edwards Women’s Volleyball
Hannah Kuhn Women’s Volleyball
Rae Metrunec Women’s Volleyball
Rebecca Petrie Women’s Volleyball
Lauren Van Dyke Women’s Volleyball
Karen Wagner Women’s Volleyball
Tadge Dalton Men’s Soccer
Alexander Dobson Men’s Soccer
John Johnson Men’s Soccer
Paul Lovsin Men’s Soccer
Phillip Miheso Men’s Soccer
Charles Uwadia Men’s Soccer
Kristi Bignell Women’s Soccer
Madison James  Women’s Soccer
Caroline Kilmartin Women’s Soccer
Cassidy Newcombe Women’s Soccer
Jillian Slamko Women’s Soccer
Kiera Sunderland Women’s Soccer
Angela Tan Women’s Soccer
Kelsey Tollefson Women’s Soccer
Nichole Ubels Women’s Soccer
Demi Vermeer Women’s Soccer
Noah Day  Cross Country/ Indoor Track
Dawson Fenrich Cross Country
Michio Green Cross Country/ Indoor Track
Braeden Kelly Cross Country/ Indoor Track
Benjamin Nawrot Cross Country/ Indoor Track
Samuel Nawrot Cross Country/ Indoor Track
Benjamin Osorio Cross Country
Timothy Shapka Cross Country
Jackson Sweder Cross Country/ Indoor Track/ Curling
Nathanael Tabert  Cross Country/ Indoor Track 
Catherine Alcorn Cross Country/ Indoor Track
Anika Asfeldt Cross Country
Sarah Hicks Cross Country/ Indoor Track
Anne Mirejovsky Cross Country
Kylie Peake Cross Country/ Indoor Track
Linda Raduner Cross Country/ Indoor Track
Aidan Anderson Curling
Koryn Duncan Curling
Sara Paulgaard Curling
Dustin Rupertus Curling
Nikki Smith Curling
Darby-Anne Swanson Curling
Nadia Vanbruinessen Curling
Michael Harrison Golf
Blake Feth Golf
Jayden Bauer Golf
Hannah Gau Golf
Amelia Murray  Indoor Track


CCAA Academic All-Canadians


The CCAA Academic All-Canadian award is the CCAA’s most prestigious student-athlete honour, epitomizing a commitment to academic success and athletic achievement.

2019 - 2020 Season

Michael Stasuik, Basketball

Michio Green, Cross-Country Running

Sara Paulgarrd, Curling

Michael Harrison, Golf

Sarah Dedrick, Volleyball

Rae Metrunic, Volleyball

Lauren Van Dyke, Volleyball

Duncan McDonald, Volleyball

Rebecca Petrie, Volleyball