Rookie Announcement: DJ Molle to Join Women's Volleyball

DJ Molle will be joining the Augustana Vikings women's volleyball team in fall 2019 from Saskatoon, SK.
DJ Molle will be joining the Augustana Vikings women's volleyball team in fall 2019 from Saskatoon, SK.

   1. What position do you play?

       I play middle blocker.  At 6' 3" there is no hope for me to play libero. 

   2. How long have you played volleyball? Where did you play your high school and club volleyball?

       I have played volleyball for five years.  I played with the Saint Joseph Guardians Senior team for three years in High School. I also was privileged to have the opportunity to play Team Sask for three years.

       My club Coach Dwayne Stonechild asked me to join his team when I played basketball against his daughter's team he coached.  At that time I thought the idea was crazy. The only club volleyball team I've played for has been that same team, Saskatoon Smash, since U13.  

   3. What are your personal goals as a player at Augustana?

       My personal goals are to develop my skills on the court and be an effective team player.  

   4. Why did you choose Augustana Campus and the University of Alberta?
      I chose Augustana Campus and the University of Alberta because I love how I have the opportunity to play volleyball at a competitive level post secondary school with a great group of girls. I am excited to learn from coaches Greg and Steve.  I believe that the Augustana campus' smaller class sizes will allow me the opportunity to have a better educational experience.

   5. What academic program are you enrolled in and why did you choose it?

      I am enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts Physical Education Major – Kinesiology and Sports Science.

      I have chosen this path, as my end goal is to become a physiotherapist. As an athlete in multiple sports growing up, I have been intrigued by how they help others. I feel it would very rewarding occupation to be able to help others like they have helped my teammates and myself.  

   6. Who is someone that inspired you to play?

      My club coach, Dwayne Stonechild, inspired me to play. He saw the potential in me before I could see it in myself. He found a way to make me love the sport of volleyball over basketball, my first sport love. Coach Dwayne is a caring, generous man who only wants the best for his athletes. Without his support I would likely still be playing basketball and wouldn't have found the way to being an Augustana Viking.


    7. What other hobbies do you have?

         Some hobbies I have include, reading the classics, binge watching Netflix, and exploring different coffees. 

    8. What drives you to succeed?

        I am a very competitive person. My competitive nature and my desire to reach my full potential drive me to succeed.