Rookie Announcement: Rebecca Olenick to Join Women's Volleyball

Rookie Announcement: Rebecca Olenick to Join Women's Volleyball
  1. Where are you from and where are you graduating from?

          St. Albert, AB and I am graduating from St. Albert Catholic High School.

  1. What position do you play?


  1. How long have you been playing your sport?

          I have played volleyball for six years.

  1. What helps you drive to succeed in your chosen sport?

          My passion for the sport, and always wanting to improve. I fully believe that you can always get better, whether that be through skill, mental toughness, or overall a smarter player. This desire to be better drives me to succeed.  

  1. What are some personal goals you hope to achieve during your time at Augustana?

          My personal goals are to continue to improve my skills as a defensive player and to actively contribute to the team. I would also like to bring my positive, and calm energy to the team, and hopefully gain a leadership role on the team.

          My other goal is to discover what kind of career I would like to do. I want to explore my options and eventually find something that I find interesting and exciting.

  1. What program are you taking at Augustana and why?

          I am enrolled in the Bachelor of Management with a minor in Physical Education. I am unsure of what ultimate career goal I would like to achieve, and this program seems a good stepping-stone for me to take towards figuring it out.

  1. Why did you choose to attend Augustana?

          I chose Augustana Campus and the University of Alberta because it gives me the opportunity to play post-secondary volleyball at a competitive level. Along with providing me the educational chances of a university degree. I am excited to learn from the coaching staff, and  girls on the team.

  1. Who is someone who inspires you and why?

         I have been fortunate enough to have many people inspire me and influence me to play volleyball and become the volleyball player I am today. My mom worked with me and my passing since I was little and she is the reason I made the senior volleyball team in Grade 7. My junior high volleyball coach, Kevin Witschen, is the one who got me to play club volleyball and really guided me into the leader that I am today. Then playing for my current coaches right now, Grachella Garcia, Riley McCaig and Kaila Jansen they have each influenced me to become a better skilled athlete, a mentally tough and smart player, also the importance and the reward of giving back to the sport of volleyball. My coaches and parents have helped build my character into practice hard - play hard, passion for what I do, honesty, and teamwork.

  1. What is something you enjoy spending time on outside of your sport and school?

          I love to snowboard, spend time at the lake boating, and overall do anything outside.