Women's Soccer Reflects on 2017-18 Season

Victoria Brenton (left) pushes past a player from the visiting King's Eagles during their home game Sept. 22.
Victoria Brenton (left) pushes past a player from the visiting King's Eagles during their home game Sept. 22.

We had a good start to our training season with 15 players at training camp. We played in three exhibition games in the middle of August and had some great results. We went two wins and one loss, and scored 13 goals with only two against. The three games were against teams from the ACAC's south division. During those three games, we went down with quite a few injuries. We were scheduled to play two games the following weekend in Olds and Red Deer, but were unable to field a team.

We got the majority of the team healthy by the time the season started, and we also found a goalkeeper in the last week of training camp as well. Cassidy Newcombe had not played in goal since she was 16-years-old and played admirably all season long for us. She trained very hard in the goalkeeping sessions to catch up with her skills and by the end of the season, her game improved tenfold.

We were much stronger this season offensively and our plan for the season was to get out and try and score more goals this season. We knew that it would sometimes leave us exposed at the back, but the team was prepared for this.

We had NAIT, Concordia, and Grande Prairie for our first fourth games, who are also the fourth, fifth, and sixth ranked teams in the country. No easy task for any team, let alone a relatively new program. With the injuries we had in pre-season, it was difficult to get set and prepared for these games. I think if we were better prepared, the results would've been a little more complimentary to the program. We had a sluggish start and lost all four. These games weren't close.

We had Kings and Keyano the third weekend of the season. We played very well against Kings and came up short losing 3-1. I thought we kept possession very well and created a lot of chances up front. Two of their goals came from distance, so defensively I thought we were a lot better. The next day we played Keyano, and everything clicked for us. We won the game 4-1, and it should've been by a larger margin. By the end of the weekend, the team felt a huge weight had been lifted off their shoulders.

The following weekend we were up at NAIT and we had four of our starters out with injury. We played a lot better in this game than the previous one. We held them to one goal in the first half and had a few chances of our own. It ended up 5-0, but we played hard against a very good team.

We played Concordia the following weekend at home and lost 4-2 but it was another very well-played game. We played them tight and they had to work for their win. This is all the coaches could ask for.

We closed the season out with games against Kings and Keyano. We beat Kings 3-2, and tied Keyano 2-2. It was a good way to finish off the season.

Season Results:

2 wins

7 losses

1 tie

15 goals scored (8 more than last season)

1st team All-Star: Tara Berger with 9 goals scored and placed 2nd in ACAC scoring

Graduating players: Tara Berger, Cassandra Sanregret, Bailey Wipf, Victoria Brenton, Alana (Ell) Wrubleski