Jonas Stoll-Pott
Jonas Stoll-Pott
Year: 2
Hometown: Vancouver
High School: British Columbia
Major: Psychology

Jonas is from Vancouver, BC and is in his second year of participating for the Augustana Vikings, on the cross country ski team. He is enrolled in a BSc program, majoring in psychology and one day hopes to use what he has learned to help others. His goal for this season is to improve his skiing and to get more people out learning how to ski.

He is a recruiter and Campus Rec representative for the Augustana Nordic Sports Club, sits on the Nordic Sports Advisory Committee. He is the vice- president for the Augustana German Club and is one of the learn to ski coaches.

When Jonas is not on the trails you can find him sliding on the ice with his bike not very far behind, playing guitar, or studying in the library. His favourite book is Inferno by Dan Brown, his favourite TV show is Lie To Me, and his favourite food is free food.

One of his favourite inspirational quotes is “if you don’t know ask Tony because Toe-Knee Nose” -Coach Nils.

Jonas is supported by his roommates, teammates, parents, and his brother, and sister.