Tarik Reed Signs On With Vikings

Tarik Reed Signs On With Vikings

Vikings Men's Basketball is pleased to welcome Tarik Reed to the 2020-21 Roster. Head Coach, Dave Drabiuk knows Reed will have an exciting career ahead of him, "he is an athletic and versatile player who brings energy to every matchup he faces. He is hard to guard and can guard a variety of types of players at the defensive end." Drabiuk is impressed with Reed's athletic instincts and is excited to work with him.

The 6' 3" recruit from Edmonton, Alberta is soon to graduate from Lillian Osborne High School. He started playing basketball recreationally around the age of eight years old and later began to take the sport seriously at fifteen. Reed is highly motivated, "what drives me to succeed in basketball is the incomparable joy I feel when I'm on the court as well as the satisfaction of seeing myself get better over time." His goals for the future are dynamic, "when it comes to academics one goal I hope to achieve is to maintain a GPA of 4.0. In reference to athletics one goal I have for myself is to quickly develop in my understanding of the game so as to allow myself to be a contributing member to the success of our team. In addition to developing as a scholar and an athlete, I also hope to develop as a person especially in my understanding of the arts and non-English languages. I would also like to continue to explore my interests in the arts especially that of creative writing and music."

Reed chose to attend Augustana for the opportunity to receive a top-notch education on a campus whose aesthetic and atmosphere he came to love, in addition to being given the opportunity to continue to play basketball at a higher level. He will study Biology at Augustana Campus, "I am infatuated with the many mysteries of living systems, as well as the incredible diversity of the subject. In addition to this, I hope to attain a respectable proficiency in the biological and chemical sciences before attempting the MCAT."
He credits his parents as his inspiration, "my parents because of their unrivalled work ethics, selflessness, a strong sense of morals, as well as their success and accomplishments in all facets of life."

The Vikings' 2020 recruits come from good academic backgrounds and want to get a university degree while pursuing high-level sport. "They have had the benefit of parents that understand the unique challenges of being a student-athlete and I know they will have great support as they transition to this (next) level," says Drabiuk. "They are both leaders on their respective teams and are recognized for their ability and their work ethic by their coaches. Our expectation for 2020-2021 is that we will return to the ACAC championship tournament and finish in the top four with contributions from these new players."

Photos courtesy Rob Hislop Photography