Request a Donation, Athlete or Coach Appearance

Here in the U of A-Augustana Vikings Athletics Department, we do our best to fulfill many requests from a number of organizations throughout the community. We try our best to accommodate each request while balancing the high volume of requests each year, increased fundraising loads, the academic demands of our Student-Athletes, and time management for our Athletes & Coaches.

For group tickets, please contact:

Game Day Staff

For donation items, including auctions and door prizing, please contact:

Athletic Services Coordinator 

For volunteers or volunteer coaches, please contact:

Athletic Services Coordinator 

All requests should include the following key details:

  • Name of Event/Organization
  • Date of Event
  • Location of Event
  • Specific Contact Information (phone, email, fax)
  • Who the proceeds of the event are going to benefit - specify age
  • Mailing Address

Multiple Requests
In order to be fair to other organizations, we ask that you submit only one charity request per year. We try to accommodate as many charities and organizations as possible, and in order to make this possible, we ask for your help by issuing only one request per calendar year.